Pastor: John Ely
  Prayer Concerns for Missions:

1. That God would be honored, glorified, praised, exalted, worshipped, and in general lifted up.

2. That our goal would be to do #1
3. That we would remember #1 when we are personally attacked or buffeted by Satan or run out of time or are tired or in general when things get tough.

4. That we would rely on the Lord for our strength, wisdom, knowledge, details, power, carrying out of our support of missions, etc. In other words, that our lives and daily walks with Him would grow to the point of John 3:30.

5. To break the hardness of our own hearts. That we would be reminded of our own, and very real, sinful nature and our need of Calvary. That we would be filled by and produce fruits of the Spirit.

6. That we would have a burden for souls, locally (Jerusalem), regionally (Judea), nationally (Samaria) and internationally (the ends of the earth). That this burden would make us miserable in a holy sense if we neglect, ignore, or despise it.

7. That those in our church would have the same burden and the same intensity of the burden.

8. That we would be willing and able to cross personal, traditional, denominational and cultural boundaries that may hinder the love of Jesus, through us, to other people.

9. That we would look for and recognize opportunities of evangelism in our daily lives no matter where we may be. In other words, to behave as "missionaries" on a daily basis until it becomes habitual.

10. That those who regularly attend our church would be prepared to learn about and go and serve as and support missions. Specifically that several would be called to be missionaries, that many more would be challenged to give by faith to support missionaries, and that all would learn the importance of missions in their own lives.

11. That the Lord would show us the next obvious steps of faith to be taken to best further his kingdom in obedience to God's will.
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