Acts 2:44

This is our verse and the reason behind our new email group, All Things Common. It is the practical extension of the sermon series Pastor John has just begun on money and Biblical stewardship. It is our hope that this format will help the members of the body to both bless and be blessed by recycling things we no longer want or need among each other. If you would like to belong to this new group, please email us at and put ADD ME in the subject line. Or give the office a call at (508) 548-3260 ( You will not be able to post on the new group until you are added to it.) IF YOU DON'T USE COMPUTERS you can simply call the office at (508) 548-3260 with items you would like posted or needs you may have and we will post them for you and get responses to you.
"How To"
Once you are a member, you will get a welcome email. Following that you are all set to post. To post items you have to bless others with or to post a need, all you need to do is to send an email to this address with your email and phone number in the post.
Everyone will receive each post. If there is someone who needs what you have posted, please email or call the poster directly using the information given. Issues of transportation are the responsibility of the blesser and the blessee. That is not to say help can not be found if needed. Posts can also be made for manpower and the moderator will assist in helping with that need. The website address is