Sunday School:  

Students are rewarded in June for their good attendance in Sunday School. Cross and Crown pins are presented to students. Three unexcused absences are allowed and sickness is never counted as an absence.

Falmouth Baptist Church has Sunday school for all ages. Our 2 and 3 year olds learn that the Bible is real stories about God, that God made all things and that He loves us. Children are loved and encouraged to learn how they can obey God and their parents. Felt board characters are used to make the stories come to life. Student participation is welcome

Our 4 and 5 year old students learn that even though the people in the bible lived a long time ago they tried to obey God. New Testament and old testament characters are taught at this young age. Many creative crafts, music and imaginary travels to far away lands make these bible stories come to life.

Our first and second grade students learn about God's care and love. Bible stories with an emphasis on obeying God and helping others is made personal for each child through role-playing, music and crafts.

Our third and fourth grade students learn about the old testament. They discover what it means to worship Go because of his greatness. They also learn to make choices, build friendships and to show their belief in God and love for Him. Puzzles and visual aids create an atmosphere of learning. Our third grade students are presented with a bible at the end of the Sunday school year.

Our fifth and sixth grade students learn passages from Proverbs and the New Testament. They study God's wisdom and how it can bring true success. His laws help them show love and that good communication builds others up. Students are encouraged to bring their own bibles (if they do not have one one will be given to them) and candy rewards to those who learn the books of the Old Testament.

Our seventh and eighth grade students have been studying the "End Times" and how decisions we make today truly effect our future. Discussion is always welcome and encouraged and students are responsible to treat every student with respect. Trips to Dunkin Donuts are rewards for participation and are done at the Teacher's discretion.

Our High School students discuss topics through a curriculum appropriately titled "Talk Sheets". A biblical principle is introduced and an interactive discussion takes place to get the students' perspectives. Through games, fun quizzes and role-playing students get a picture of what God expects from them in terms of behavior, decision-making and sharing their beliefs with others.

Our Adult Class has been learning how to share their faith with others by learning an actual method. Testimonies have been shared as well as everyday experiences in witnessing to others. The idea that "I am really not good at this" is a feeling shared by most in this class. This class gives you the tools, the encouragement and most of all the knowledge necessary to succeed with the Holy spirit's leading.

Our Sunday School has many activities throughout the year:

Family Vacation to the Word of Life Institute - Feb
Family Talent Night
Easter Drama and Cantata
Sunday School Picnic at Green Harbor Motel
Fourth of July Cookout and Fireworks at Falmouth Heights